what if Vincent van Gogh was born today? painT tells the story of Vinny, a struggling artist and quintessential "art underdog" who sees the world as a living, breathing painting. Set against the backdrop of the New York & L.A. art scene, painT is an American update on the tragic life of van Gogh, seen through the eyes of his modern day counterpart and spiritual heir, examining the fine line between love, madness, and paint.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

keep this object carefully.

the recipient.

RACHEL – 19, Italian, Brooklyn accent, tiny diamond nose ring, and a face more breathtaking than her waist. An innocent cocktail waitress at Wiggles Strip Club. Sunflowers tattooed on her side. In love with Vinny and he doesn’t even know it.

18. The ‘Chronique locale’ in Le Forum Républicain of Sunday, 30 December 1888 reported that in the night of 23 December Van Gogh had offered his severed ear to ‘a certainRachel’ (la nommée Rachel) at ‘brothel No. 1’ (maison de tolérance No. 1) in rue du Bout d’Arles. Nothing else is known about this prostitute.

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