what if Vincent van Gogh was born today? painT tells the story of Vinny, a struggling artist and quintessential "art underdog" who sees the world as a living, breathing painting. Set against the backdrop of the New York & L.A. art scene, painT is an American update on the tragic life of van Gogh, seen through the eyes of his modern day counterpart and spiritual heir, examining the fine line between love, madness, and paint.

Friday, February 5, 2010

coming from the stars.

Been in LA for 2 weeks now. Making progress as rewrite sessions are coming to a close. Still refining and every day I wake brings another line from life. Last night I spent 5 hours writing at MAISON 140. A beverly hills absinthe bar that does a special L'Heure Verte, the green hour, with tastings every night for just 5 bucks a glass from 5-7pm. Before I left New York, I took one last trip to MOMA with Bobby to see Starry Night. In front of the painting crowds clicked digital photos and tried to be the closest to the piece. When I ask people, what do you know about van Gogh, I get the ear thing and then the words Starry Night, some times they say it twice, Starry Starry Night, and they mention the song. I think Rosario, said it best when in Atlantic City over bubble gum Vodka and ice cubes he said, "I don't know what it is about that painting, but if I had that on my wall I would just feel good every time I looked at it." That's art.