what if Vincent van Gogh was born today? painT tells the story of Vinny, a struggling artist and quintessential "art underdog" who sees the world as a living, breathing painting. Set against the backdrop of the New York & L.A. art scene, painT is an American update on the tragic life of van Gogh, seen through the eyes of his modern day counterpart and spiritual heir, examining the fine line between love, madness, and paint.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

to painT, perchance to dream.

the works of Gregory Siff and photography by Ingrid Mellor, March 30th, 2010
LA TIMES BRAND X ARTS SECTION, they think I am a socialite.
a name that will live on in infamy.

While promoting the show I was issued a citation for trespassing and soliciting when handing out art flyers at the W Hollywood Hotel after attending their bar for drinks!

THANK YOU Jenni Boelkens, the ART DIRECTOR of The Standard, for being by my side, giving me free creative range, and an expert eye. The show displayed in the lobby looked like a mini MOCA exhibit, complete with the live model in the box installation. Three paintings were purchased, the proceeds being donated to
There are still some paintings available for purchase, drop me an email, gregorysiff@mac.com, for availability and I will send you a price and works list. The turnout of friends and support was incredible. After the show I walked home with a full fist of jasmine and a stomach full of love that night. I thought about Vincent on my walk back home up the hill, how he had only one friend his brother Theo, how he never had an art show that he could be at and have peopleFEEL his work I thank God for bringing this night to life, the alternate universe in his mind now actually exists and took place. My friends, THANK YOUWITH ALL MY HEARTFOR BEING THERE. The next step, another script revision. Then we walk the walk. with a handshake and a smile, Greg