what if Vincent van Gogh was born today? painT tells the story of Vinny, a struggling artist and quintessential "art underdog" who sees the world as a living, breathing painting. Set against the backdrop of the New York & L.A. art scene, painT is an American update on the tragic life of van Gogh, seen through the eyes of his modern day counterpart and spiritual heir, examining the fine line between love, madness, and paint.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

letter to van gogh.

if van gogh was alive today he would listen to elliot smith and the pixies and sleep in the afternoon. he would look at women in the supermarket and in passing cars and fall for all of them. he would drink chocolate shakes and would still not brush his teeth and listen to his stomach as he painted lost in the perfect dreams of color and honor and good where he always aimed to be. maybe a tattoo, maybe not, but an art splashed in his heart where his path would lead to pouring himself in pages of letters and paint on canvas where the essence of him is there. if van gogh was alive today he would hug his best friends and cry for past lovers, he would not have cell phone but he would have a mac. he would give away all his clothes and his bed. if van gogh was alive today many of us would probably want to invite him over for dinner and ask to look at his ear and say, why did you do it man? if van gogh was alive today i would give him the hug and go for a ride with him in a convertible porsche and show him the sunset on pacific coast highway and show him that i am trying to find all the good things up ahead on the road. all the loss, all the no's, all the mistakes, they're okay. but lets just ride on vinny until this car is out of gas or until we drive it straight into the ocean and float off to stars and paint and colors and kiss the mouth of the salt foam sea again, become the young man i knew ten years ago. oh the dreams i had. i the dreams i made. ahhh to keep dreaming. the sight stars make you dream vin, well just know the sight of you, makes my dreams true.
ever yours, with handshakes and hugs hard enough to feel my father's arms in the sky, i salute you,
greg siff

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

i shall stand.

"Though I fall ninety-nine times, the hundredth time I shall stand." - van Gogh

Thursday, January 14, 2010

the power of self.

artists submit, this is your moment to be discovered.

"One must work and dare if one really wants to live." -van Gogh